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"Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you are doing. And we urge you bretheren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake." – 1 Thessalonians 5:11-13

I Love My Pastor
  • We Love Our Pastor because he is a true man of God.  He is a great pastor that cares about his congregation and is always there for them.  He loves God and preaches the true word of God.  He is a great administrator.  He and Sister Cheryl work tirelessly to minister to all of us.  He Love Them and are proud they are our pastors.

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  • I Love my Pastor because I still remember how he cared for me and showed me love.

    -Church Member

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  • I love and appreciate my Pastor for many reasons, but most of all he walks the talk, and he is not just my Pastor only on Sundays.  He checks on me, and talks with me even when I tell him all is okay – he knows better. He is very compassionate, but he also preaches what we need, not what we want to hear. He doesn’t plan out our services a year in advance. He lets the spirit flow, and he adjust accordingly. When he preaches, he makes it exciting and he encourages us to grow as children of God.  He is not only my Pastor but he is my friend, and also willing to tell me what I need not what I always want. He has shared his testimony me with me that’s amazing. I could go on and on but he also acts like Jesus and loves everyone!!!!

    submitted by Larry Stowell

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  • Pastor Chuck shines Jesus so brightly. He never looks at anyone at face value, but rather sees all for their worth. He goes above and beyond to reach many hurting people. He is a rare these days, as he truly seeks the truth of God’s Word and he lives love loudly. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to share with you all the amazing testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed because of his heart, a heart that radiates compassion. Truly a servant’s heart!

    -Debra K. Jordan

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  • I love Pastor Tim because of his heart for Jesus. He truly is a man of integrity. He is a man of great character and maturity in the Lord. Tim’s faith is very genuine and so the Lord is awesome in Him as a pastor, a husband, a father, a coworker, and a best friend. He is full of the love of God and it’s His kindness flowing out of Tim that leads many to the saving grace of Jesus. Tim has fought hard for the calling of God on his life and so with Gods help has been able to see Hope Springs Christian Fellowship planted in Cumberland,  Maryland. This February the Church will be seven years old. And what an amazing group of people!  Tim works really hard and no task is beneath him. He is faithful to pray and abide keeping himself in the love of God as he loves God’s people.

    Becca Westrom

    Tim is my first born son. Tim’s Grandfather was a Minister in the Church of the Brethren, which was founded in Swartzenow Germany. Tim still follows the basic principles of the Brethren Church, which are: Peace and the belief  that the New Testament was written through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Tim was led by the Holy Spirit to attend Asbury Theological Seminary and get his Masters in Theology. The Holy Spirit also let him to find his Church in Cumberland, Md.
    Tim’s Grandfather died when Tim was 10 years old and before he died he said the Holy Spirit told him that Tim would be a Minister of the Gospel. Tim has lived up to all that my Father said he would be: Called by God to minister to his people in the Cumberland, MD area.

    Paul Westrom

    We both love Tim and Becca. This isn’t our home church but Pastor Tim and Becca have always made us feel welcomed to Hope Springs.  We have a special bond to Hope Springs through our daughter Amber and son-in-law Chuck.  We consider Tim and Becca to be our second Pastor and wife.   Tim and Becca are always the same; kind, loving and caring.    They have been with us in prayer several times over the seven years we have known the Hope Springs family.  Thank you Tim and Becca for all that you do, your work is greatly appreciated.  I Corinthians 15:58.

    We Love you both!  Thank you for making use feel part of your family.

    Rick and Patty Bray

     We are so happy to have found a pastor who has a love for the Lord and his flock. Pastor Tim demonstrates in every way his dedication to his ministry . We are truly blessed to have found Hope Springs and Pastor Tim.


    Rick and Carol Sivic

    We love Tim because he has such a heart for the people he leads.  His heart reaches out to everyone inside and outside the church. His heart for the children within the church is overflowing with joy. Over the years we’ve known him he has been an uplifting inspiration to us. We love Tim because no matter how things are going and how crazy things may get, he is always there to lend a hand or give an encouraging word. Thanks Tim!

    Brad and Susie Blubaugh

    I am truly blessed to know Tim and to have him as my pastor and friend. I have attended many churches that included different denominations, and not one comes close to what we have at Hope Springs. Our church is and will continue to be an influential part of our community and I thank you Tim. Without your heart for God and passion to reach out to the lost and wounded, Hope Springs would not exist. You are a genuine person who would help anyone. You make decisions based on the needs of others. You are hard working and set a great example for others to follow. Thanks for being you! You have been an encouragement to Chuck and I many times and we are truly blessed! I will leave u with this passage of scripture God blessed me with to encourage you *
    2 Timothy 1:3-9 and 2:1-14.

    Amber Morgan

     We’ve been attending Hope Springs for less than a year, but it only takes five seconds to realize how great of a person Tim is. He is so friendly and exuberant and just full of love. Every Sunday he always fills us with encouragement and hope. Tim and Becca both have worked hard and they have made Hope Springs an amazing place of worship. Tim has mentioned before about churches that have that “it” factor that make you thoroughly enjoy going, and Tim has defiantly made Hope Springs have it. Keep up the amazing job Tim, you’re such a great person! :)

    Christine Forquer and Jason Wigfield

    Another year older and wiser. As our Pator you’ve made learning, understanding, and truley feeling God’s Love for us a joyous experince.  All the while bringing us closer together, and encourageing us all to be more like Christ and not just on Sunday, but to be the Perfect Bride and to “Be Ready” daily.  You as our Pastor are always ther for us, and on this special day we celebrate your birth; your life, and the gift your life has brought to so many lives you’ve touched just by being you and sharing God’s word.  We pray that the Lord hears your birthday wishes, and continues to bless you and your family. We feel honored having You and our Pastor and Friend. God Bless You.

    Sincerely Your Friends,
    Eric, Candace, Chelse & Caleigh Flanigan

    It’s hard to put into words how much love I have for Pastor Tim. He is the most genuine person I know. When thinking about what to say, my mind wandered to the past and I heard my dad say…boy, when I die, there won’t be enough people to carry the coffin. But what he didn’t see when that day came, was there were people lined up down the street waiting to pay their last respect. The moral to my story is that in a man’s life, he will not know the fullness of his influence. However, I am one life you have changed, and I can not thank you enough. I love you my pastor, my brother, my friend.

    Chuck Morgan

    Although there are many, I will write two words today: Prayer and Teaching.  I believe and know so much that Pastor Tim is praying for you.  He is faithful and dedicated to lift you and your circumstances up to Jesus.  Secondly, I am blessed every Sunday to walk away with such great teaching from the Word.  so much Word always comes out… I appreciate  that so much.  Thank you Tim!!

    Amiee Goddard

    Tim is a strong leader and you are always consistent.  You teach us well…the deep things of God.  You’re able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and presson in prayer.  Love your stories and your father heart.  Awesome pastor and friend.

    Mark Goddard

    We are so blessed to have found a church where the love of Christ is evident as soon as you walk in. Pastor Tim truly has a sincere love for Christ and others. Our whole family has grown so much spiritually over the past few years and we attribute this growth to Hope Springs.  We look forward to getting more involved there and building on the relationships we have begun with the people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful Pastor, humble servant of Christ and true friend!

    Kevin, Tisha, Caleb, Ethan, Selah, & Adriel

    Tim has been a blessing to me and my family.  His messages are always encouraging and hopeful.  He has a beautiful gift of teaching and portraying the love that God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son have for each one of us – no matter where we are in our walk with Him – or even if a person has not confessed Christ as Lord and Savior.  Tim is full of the joy of the Lord and demonstrates that in a way that touches all who cross his path.  He has humility and integrity, always standing firmly on the principles as given to us in the Word of God.  When I think of Tim, I think of the man in the Bible who found the pearl of great price, and when he had found it, he sold all that he had and bought it.  Tim has found the pearl of great price, the love of God, and he has invested his life in sharing that great discovery.  I pray God’s abundant blessings on you, Tim, and your beautiful family.  Thank you for the many times you have ministered to me and my family.

    Cindy Wilson

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  • Our church was destroyed last year in the April 27th storms. We restored the Lord’s house and re-entered on Thanksgiving day 2011, this is an act to restore Birmingham. We have partnered with KaBOOM and the Junior League of Birmingham to install a community playground on the grounds at the Lord’s. This is another one of the reasons we love our Pastor Quinton E. Hammonds at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

    -Posted by Jacque Nash

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  • We have a hidden treasure at Green Hill CPC, his name is Bro. Larry Kelley. Bro. Kelley and First Lady, Mrs. Ruth Ann Kelley, have just celebrated their first anniversary with us on July 25th.

    At the age of 95, in his own steady way, he is helping Green Hill to grow in their love for God, Church, Family and Community. His caring and compassion are outstanding, and is witnessed by all who step inside our dorrs. The spirit of our church is rising again, we are walking closer to God than ever before.

    Bro. Kelley challenges us with God’s truths for who and what we are called to be for the Lord. For all that  Bro. Kelley is and all that he represents, is why we love him and he holds a special place in our hearts.

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  • Our pastor loves everyone, and everyone loves him. If you need him as a pastor, neighbor, or friend, he’s always there, always going beyond what’s expected. He’s always gracious, kind, and loving…even when we aren’t lovable. We’ve been blesed to have him as our shepherd for seven years, and hope to have him for namy, many, more.

    - Posted by Brenda Bivens

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  • We bless you for the man God created you to be. You are always ready and willing to be there when called upon. You always have a listening ear. You make each person feel they are special, as they are. You are a great leader and brother in Christ. Glad to know you and have you in our family. Chris says even though you do like the Redskins, SMILE! For you make the whole church smile! We love you with all the love of Jesus…Thank You for being our Pastor and friend. 

    - Posted by Aaron &Lori & 3-J’s Devore

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  • I love my paster because he is funny,smart,and sweet. He is good with the youth,and he helps all the youth events.

    - Posted by Grady Rein

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  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Mike for mentoring us. He poured into our lives for many years and encouraged us to answer the call upon our lives. He was truly an example of God’s love. Thank You Pastor Mike – we Love You!

    - Posted by Bill and Melissa Duty

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  • Pastor Greg Hayward is a dedicated, humble, man of God, who loves our church and the congregation with all his heart. He has above all else, Christ Jesus, the Word of God as his first priority, then his family, and then his church family at the heart of everything he does. He gets little rest and works practically 7 days a week. Our church is a small church, and we are not wealthy in financial resources, but the Lord always provides. Our Pastor is always there to encourage and humble us, and lay whatever message the Holy Spirit has put on his heart to give. He is a faithful, kind, loving, compassionate man, and we love him very much. God Bless him and his family for all they do for the Lord. Originally posted 02/19/2005

    - Posted by Scott and Elizabeth Hills

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  • I love my Pastor. He is so open to pour into me. He is always concerned about the countenance of the people. He loves to help build leaders. He has a mind to pray for all. He has a ministry for all people of all ages. That’s my Pastor.

    - Posted by Daphne Barney

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  • Although we are a small and new congregation of 25, Pastor WC is faithfully committed to helping in every possible area and where required. Between leading bible study, prayer and a full time job, pastor WC finds time to paint, fix walls and organize workdays. It is great to see the leader of a church lead by example. Pastor WC, I love you!

    - Posted by Raul Rincon

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  • Pastor Gary Barkley is a great pastor! A Pastor’s work is never done. Oh that we should all have to be “on-call” 24 hours a day…My Pastor gives of his time unselfishly and he genuinely cares for his flock. It is my hope that he knows how much he is loved and appreciated for all that he does!

     - Posted by Lori Humberson

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  • My father, Kenny Heath, is the best pastor, father, and husband in the world. He pastored three churches, and then we moved to Western maryland and he became the Associational Missionary for the Western Baptist Association. My Dad is the most wonderful person in the world, and I think he deserves the world over what he has given to many people. I am so grateful that God has blessed me with a great family, especially my great Dad. Thank You 

    - Posted by Mary Heath

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  • We are very blessed to have such a man of God, that is obedient to the voice of God. He has been with our church for 23 years, and I can tell you there has not been anything but good things happening. George will stop right in the middle of whatever, and if God tells him to pray for someone, we do. He has encouraged us to read the bible together as a group, every year from Genesis to Revelation. We have so many outreaches in our church. With the Lord’s guiding, we have gone to the Ukraine and planted churches for 11 years. George and his wife Shirley have been a blessing to our church, and he is leading our church on the path the heaven.

    - Posted by Leah Hawkins

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  • My Pastor is a Godly, down to earth kind of guy. He’s fun loving but firm, knows when to be dignified, and knows when to let loose, and he knows the difference in taking liberty and license. He keeps secrets, keeps his word, and is a great friend. He is dedicaed to his church, his family, and dedicated to my growth. He loves God with all his heart, and that love is demonstrated in his relationship to others. He is an example and an inspiration. He leads with dignity and Godliness. This is why I Love My Pastor. Originally Posted 01/29/2006

    - Posted by John Hopper

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  • Pastor Kevin has been with us for a year and a half now, and has faithfully taught us God’s Word, and has been a valuable resource for me in the youth ministry.

    - Posted by Douglas Twitchell

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I Love My Pastor